That to heal psoriasis on the body?

That to heal psoriasis on the body

Scientists have noted that in recent years, the psoriasis on the body is more common than before. The disease is a chronic inflammatory process, along with important skin lesions red rash in the form of plaques and papules. Unfortunately, completely getting rid of the disease may not. Result of a day, the disease pursues a human lifetime, periodically flaring up with new force. That to heal psoriasis on the body and the means for applying will review in detail.

A feature of the pathology is its individual character and in this for every patient the psoriasis manifests itself in different ways. Often, the reasons for the appearance of the rash remain unresolved, and all that remains to be done to doctors, the focus on the reduction of the symptoms of the pathology.

What is psoriasis and why it occurs

The disease refers to non-communicable diseases related to the epidermis of the skin disease. Due to the various circumstances of the person may be a normal process of cell division of the skin. The man in a normal state, the update of a layer of dermis going beyond 25-30 days. In psoriasis, this period can decrease up to 5 days. This process causes the loss of connections between cells of the skin, roughness, alignment and rejection. On the pidermes begin to appear plaques and papules, they are usually a bright red or pink.

What appears to be psoriasis on the body? Scientists can not give a definitive answer on the causes of psoriasis. None of the existing theories is not approved, and is not officially proven. There are only assumptions based on which we can highlight some of the causes of the disease. Therefore, what appears to be psoriasis on the body, let us know the following:

  • violation of the metabolic processes of the dermis and the body as a whole;
  • unstable hormones. May occur due to the violation of the work of the organs of the endocrine system;
  • of hypothermia and common infectious diseases;
  • the weakening of the immunity;
  • the frequent mechanical failures, as well as the impact of chemical products;
  • often a rash can occur on the bottom of the psychosomatic disorders;
  • the consumption of alcohol and certain drugs, and much more.
The stage and the symptoms of psoriasis

The stage and the symptoms of psoriasis

The manifestation of the disease always depend on the current level of the pathology. Then, we will analyze the main stages of the evolution of the disease, as well as the characteristic symptoms for each of them.

Progressive step

Called as the form of the disease during the first of his events, or at the next exacerbation. For this phase characterized by the emergence of a large number of psoriatic patches that increase in size and are accompanied by strong inflammation. Also this insupportable sensation of itching of the skin, pain to take off. The patient experiences a strong feeling of unease.

The treatment phase in the hospital

Here, the pads are formed with less intensity, but the purification of the skin of the question. The eruptions to deliver the patient is always the same discomfort, itches, the skin is irritable and painful. The papules continue to grow and blend into a grand foyer of defeat. Pack tightly in the shelter of scales whitish.

The regression phase

Also this phase is called phase of healing. The growth of papules stops, the skin begins to clean. Out of the redness of the skin, which reflects the reduction of inflammation. It is very important in the improvement of the condition of the patient not to interrupt treatment. Here, all the efforts are put on the prevention of the recurrence, and the complete restoration of the skin.

The types of the disease — photo of what looks like psoriasis on the body

Types of pathology much. Each of them is characterized by its characteristics and the severity of the leak from the disease. Then, review the main types of psoriasis on the body.

Tabula informibus psoriasis

One of the most common types of the disease. Meeting over 80% of all patients. Its other name of the ordinary or psoriasis vulgaris. Characteristics of the events is the education on the body spots, occurring on the surface of the skin of a few millimeters. They have the red or pink color and free of white or gray scales. The affected areas of the skin itching and can be easily damaged.


The lesions settle down in an erratic way in the form of drops. This view can manifest itself at any place of the skin in adults and in adolescents. The size of the lesions can be very varied, the size of a pea to fairly large skin rash, a diameter of the egg. The initial phase of the insert can be a bit, but with the development of the disease, their number increases. Gradually, the rash may cover the whole body.

The inverse (psoriasis flexural surfaces)

Externally, skin rash psoriatic are smoother than for other types. The scaling of this form is missing or expressed minimum. The location of the pads mainly in the folds of the skin. Other parts of the body do not suffer. Most often, a rash appears in the armpits, the groin, the women, under the breasts, on the inner side of the thighs. Aggravated by the course of the disease during the summer period, as an active work of the sweat glands. The sweat causes a favourable environment for the pathogenic organisms.


Is the more severe of the disease. During this kind on the body of the patient, the bubbles appear with a transparent liquid, in the projection on the surface of the skin of a few millimeters. These blisters called pustules, hence the name. The skin in the places of the appearance of the rash and become red, inflamed and painful. Usually, the pustules are localized on the upper and lower limbs, in the most serious cases skin rashes can spread in the body, melt into a big home defeat.

Nail Psoriasis

In the medical practice of this type called onihodistrofiya. Here are astonished by the nails of the plate, with the continuation of the deformation and detachment of the body from a finger. The disease spreads rapidly on the health of the nails and skin. When a wrong treatment or lack of it, the scars may remain for life.

The erythrodermic psoriasis

The main sign of this species is the peeling of the lesions of the skin, a strong roughness of the skin, inflammation of the dermis and of his correspondence. Are also present symptoms such as itching, swelling, scaling, redness and the development of the inflammatory process.

Often, this form may occur a poisoning of the blood, leading to a serious condition of the patient and even death.

Psoriatic arthritis

In addition to the lesions on the body of the pathology resulting in inflammation of the joints. The patient presents with pain in the joints and muscles. Often affects the fingers, hands and legs. The phalanges may increase in size and as the swelling. Premature the treatment of the disease causes quite often a handicap.

The basic principles of the treatment of psoriasis on the body

Then, how to treat psoriasis on the body? Most often disease therapy begins with the application of tools designed for local use. Menus for medicines in the form of ointments, creams, oils, lotions and sprays applied to the skin in areas of lesions. In mild forms of the disease, use of medications, with the most severe forms, it is recommended to apply combined drug action.

The crust of the coarsened skin, the doctors recommend to solve with the help of the mitigation measures creams. The ointment in the case of psoriasis on the body cover of thick layers, which promotes the softening of the Horny layer of dermis, its easy to eliminate.

To prescribe a remedy for psoriasis on the body and the drug of the pathology that must be used only by the doctor. Often, the professionals apply in practice, hormonal, non-hormonal ointments, and medications in the composition of the vitamin D3.

The basic principles of the treatment of psoriasis on the body

In addition to the treatment with the aid of funds often use methods such as the treatment sonication. In medical practice, this type of treatment is called the treatment by the light. This procedure is quite safe and effective.

Scalp psoriasis is also used in therapeutic, shampoos, gels and masks. Dealing with disease of the follicles of the skin) is quite difficult, because hair is a barrier to the penetration of the healing components.

The application of drugs

The tool of psoriasis on the body should only be administered by a specialist. Self-medication is not valid. The patient can easily confuse psoriasis other skin disease and cure is not what you want.

Medication for psoriasis on the body are divided as follows:

  1. The corticosteroids. These tools have powerful effect, but the great disadvantage is the many side effects. Apply must be strictly according to the prescription.
  2. The drugs with the vitamin D3 in the composition. Vitamins are necessary for the treatment of this disease. The saturation of the organism in magnesium, zinc, potassium helps to restore immunity and promote healing of the skin.
  3. Tar medications. This product enters into the composition of soaps, shampoos, creams, and gels. To get rid of the disease use genivre, pine and birch, coal.
  4. For the complications of the application of the local fund are not sufficient. In such cases, doctors inserted in a treatment of phototherapy, laser therapy, and other types of physiotherapy.

    The role of traditional medicine

    Then, we will understand how to treat psoriasis on the body of the methods. To this end, most often using ointments, home-made, and different remedies herbal. Consider some recipes effective cure for psoriasis on the body in the house.

    The seeds of flax for the cleaning of the skin

    For the preparation of medicines, you must place it in a thermos, 1 ch with 2 tablespoons of flax seeds and the bay of boiling water, close the lid. Infuse the mixture should not be less than 10 hours. Consume the tincture need in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.

    The seeds of flax for the cleaning of the skin

    The treatment of the soda

    The affected area of the skin, it is recommended to wipe 5-6 times a day with a solution of ordinary baking soda. To do this, in a glass of warm water should dissolve 2 teaspoons of baking soda. In the solution to moisten a cotton pad and treat the blister.

    A poultice of onion

    For the preparation of medicines, you must take an onion and chop them finely. The mixture is wrapped in gauze and put in 20 to 30 minutes to homes in the defeat. The treatment should be continued until the cleansing of the skin.

    The treatment of psoriasis of the body, a lengthy and complicated process. The success is possible only care of your health with the greatest care, and making the necessary efforts.